Handling a Motorhome in New Zealand

What You Get in a New Zealand Motorhome Rental

My First Motorhome Holiday

CathedralThe first time my family rented a motorhome I had no idea what to expect. I was twelve, my little sister was nine, and we had never been inside a campervan before.

I remember getting off the plane in Christchurch, (which still had its cathedral; this was years before the earthquakes,) and going to the campervan hire depot. As hulking as some of the white vans were, it was difficult to imagine there being enough room to keep myself, my sister, my mum, my dad and my nana comfortable for two whole weeks.

There was.

What’s Inside a Motorhome

I quickly learned that motorhomes are like TARDISes: they seem bigger on the inside.

Even the most basic models generally have lounge areas with couches and dining tables that fold into sizeable beds. They also have sinks, stoves, fridges, heaters, storage space and usually a small toilet and shower.

Of course, as the model of motorhome becomes larger there is more room for additional conveniences, such as microwaves and wardrobes.

Our Six-Berth Motorhome

ourcampervanAs we had five people setting off on our first New Zealand motorhome holiday, we acquired one of the largest models of motorhome available, a six-berth. It had everything mentioned above, plus a television, central heating, fly screens, (not that they were much help against the West Coast sandflies, but that’s a story for another time,) and an awesome panoramic rear window. Our six-berth motorhome was laid out like this. It had three double beds, one above the driver’s cabin, one behind the driver’s cabin, and one at the rear. The one at the rear could actually fit three people in it, with each person having plenty of room.

The Downside

Unfortunately, all the room in the world could not soften my mother’s snoring. That was the only downside of living in a motorhome for two weeks, the lack of privacy. That and the fact that the toilet and the shower shared the same space, but this didn’t seem to bother anyone else.

Additional Items

As well as the above, most New Zealand motorhome rentals come with free bedding, towels, pots and pans, eating utensils, a kettle, a toaster and cleaning equipment. Some motorhome rental companies will even throw in a camping table and chairs so you can enjoy meals outside, although other companies will charge you extra for those items. Additional items such as sat navs, in-car chargers and portable DVD players may be purchased at the time of hire, depending on the company.

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