What’s the Point of a ‘Luxury’ Motorhome?

Hippy Campervan ColourfulI’ve never been in a ‘luxury’ motorhome. I’ve seen pictures: opulent fabrics and shiny fixtures; flashy tiles and huge televisions. And I always think to myself, ‘What’s the point?’

Sure, it looks nice, but, at the end of the day, it’s still a motorhome. It’s still going to be relatively cramped and rattle a bit when you move around. You’re still going to have to empty the septic tank.

When you’re on a motorhome holiday, you don’t want to waste days lounging abut inside, or watching an enormous television. That’s not the point of camping. You’ll use your motorhome for travelling, sleeping, breakfast and dinner, but hopefully not much else. Does it really matter if the cupboard door handles look pretty or not?

Why Not Save Your Money?

What’s the point of spending a fortune on a ‘luxury’ motorhome when  a budget motorhome will serve you just as well? Why not spend your extra money on doing wonderful things as you travel? After all, what will you remember years later: the motorhome, or the locations it took you through?

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